The reviewing and analysis platform for surgical procedures, designed by experts

Eka is the innovative platform designed specifically for surgeons looking to improve their surgical skills and techniques. It combines cutting-edge technology and technical expertise to offer a unique, customised ongoing training experience.

We understand that technical improvement is essential at every stage of a career. This is why our platform offers a comprehensive range of functionalities, each designed to meet specific training and professional development needs.

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Direct access

Keeping track of your progress

Available 24/7 on mobile or web

Total data anonymisation

No commitment

Direct access

Keeping track of your progress

Available 24/7 on mobile or web

Total data anonymisation

Eka, features designed for your surgical progression

Video analysis

Benefit from an in-depth assessment of your surgical skills, with detailed feedback from our experts.

Keeping track of progression and advanced statistics

Keep track of your development through detailed statistics and performance analyses.


Access a large educational video library to expand your knowledge and skills.


Take advantage of customised support from experienced surgeons, designed to speed up your progression and sharpen your surgical techniques through a constructive and personalised dialogue.

3 easy steps to benefit from video analysis

1. Transmission and preparation

Safely import your video of surgical procedures onto the platform. It is then prepared and sent to the expert, an expert surgeon in your field, for a full analysis.

2. Video analysis

Your video is examined by the expert, a specialist in your field, who provides detailed assessments and constructive feedback based on established criteria. Feedback can be written or audio.

3. Customised feedback and advice

Receive customised advice to improve your surgical techniques and practices.

EKAdemy: an in-depth and diversified resource centre

Whichever offer you choose, get immediate access to the EKAdemy, our video resource centre designed to enhance and complement your surgical learning experience.

A valuable and diversified video library

Our regularly updated video library includes a wealth of videos of surgical procedures. These videos cover a wide range of specialities and techniques, and are carefully selected for their relevance and quality. Each video comes with expert commentary and analysis, giving you detailed and practical insights on various surgical procedures.

Practical examples and real-life cases

In addition to the theoretical content, the EKAdemy provides you with practical examples and real-life cases. These resources are invaluable for visualising the practical application of the techniques and principles you are studying, enabling you to better integrate theory and practice.

Eka video analysis in detail

Transmission and preparation of videos

Easy, secure downloading

The process starts with submitting your surgical procedures videos. Our platform is designed to make this stage as simple and intuitive as possible. You can submit your videos directly from your secure personal space in just a few clicks. The system is compatible with a variety of video formats, ensuring that you can easily share your recordings, whatever equipment you use during your procedures.

Preparation and optimisation

Once your video has been sent, our technical team takes over. We prepare and optimise each video for analysis, ensuring that the key sequences of the procedure are highlighted. This step is essential to enable an accurate, thorough, and reproducible assessment by our experts – expert surgeons.

Video analysis by our experts

Each specialist uses a rigorous analysis methodology designed to comprehensively assess your surgical practice. This analysis covers several aspects, including surgical technique, time management, precision of movements, and compliance with protocols. It also includes complication management and compliance with current surgical standards.

Customised feedback and advice

On completion of the analysis, you will receive a detailed report including customised feedback and practical advice.

Your experts provide constructive feedback based on their analysis, highlighting your strengths as well as your areas for improvement. This feedback is designed to help you understand precisely where and how you can improve your practice.

The report includes not only general comments, but also specific practical advice. For example, suggestions on how to optimise management of the operating field, improve coordination of movements, or adopt new techniques to increase the efficiency of procedures.

Your questions about Eka, the feedback platform for your surgical videos

For the time being, EKA is focusing on urology, with plans to expand and include thoracic, orthopaedic, digestive, paediatric, general, and gynaecological surgery. Our aim is to cover all types of surgery in order to meet the growing demand for ongoing training.

To consult post-operative analyses and expert feedback, simply log in to your personal space. Each surgical treatment video comes with a detailed report, accessible from your virtual technical platform, enabling effective interaction with our expert medical team.

Of course. Go to your personal space and click on “My videos” in the menu. You will find the complete history of your surgical procedures, as well as the analyses and feedback from the experts that are essential for your post-operative follow-up and continuous improvement in the hospital sector.

Yes, all videos and data are secure on the platform.

Yes, our platform is designed for easy daily use. It can be accessed via computer, tablet or smartphone, allowing you to stay connected to your surgical training resources, whether you are in hospital, at home or on the move.

You can interact with the experts directly via the platform, sending them your questions or feedback on the analyses of your procedures. This feature strengthens the collaboration between yourself and the specialists, improving the quality of your surgical training.

The EKAdemy is a comprehensive resource for practitioners, offering videos covering a range of procedures, modules on surgical practice and case studies relevant to hospitals and healthcare facilities.

Other questions?

Data security and confidentiality

Ensuring the security and confidentiality of your data is our utmost priority.

In order to respect confidentiality, we ensure that all videos are treated with the highest level of anonymity and, by definition, prevent patients from being identified. The nature of the information exchanged remains strictly technical and relates to the improvement of the surgical procedure.

We use state-of-the-art security protocols to protect your videos and the information they contain. From the moment they are downloaded, your data is encrypted and stored securely.

This approach not only ensures compliance with data protection regulations, but also reinforces the trust you place in our platform.

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