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EKA commits to offering cutting-edge ongoing training solutions tailored to the needs of surgeons, including robotic surgery and surgery assisted by all types of equipment.

Our offers are designed to meet the demand for surgical training, enabling you to improve your techniques, master your new equipment and stay at the cutting edge of surgical innovation.

You benefit from all the advantages of a training course without the drawbacks (travel, schedule difficulties, etc.).

No commitment

Direct access

Keeping track of your progress

Available 24/7 on mobile or web

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No commitment

Direct access

Keeping track of your progress

Available 24/7 on mobile or web

Total data anonymisation

EKA offers

EKA Training

At EKA, we understand the importance of ongoing training for surgeons at all stages of their career. This is why we have designed EKA Training, a tailor-made programme for those who are pursuing excellence in surgery.

This programme includes:

Variable duration trainings:

Choose between 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions, depending on your professional needs and objectives.

Monthly video analyses:

Submit up to three videos per month for a detailed analysis by our experienced experts.

Individual coaching:

Benefit from personalised support with our experts for practical advice and monitoring your progression.

Access the EKAdemy:

Make the most of our extensive video library of reference surgical cases, for ongoing, in-depth improvement.

With this offer, you can embark on a dynamic and interactive learning programme and gain a rewarding certification.

EKA Video Pack

For those seeking maximum flexibility, this offer is the ideal option.
Select the number of videos you wish to have appraised according to your specific needs, with no time commitment. You can choose between 1, 5 or 10 videos.

This programme includes:

Detailed analyses by the experts:

Each video submitted is carefully scrutinised by our experts, who provide relevant and personalised feedback.

Access the EKAdemy:

Complement your training with unlimited access to our large library of surgical videos, enhancing your knowledge and skills.

This offer is perfect for those who want a targeted and specific approach to their surgical training needs.

Are the EKA offers suitable for surgeons of all levels?

Of course.

At EKA SURGERY, we have designed our offers to be adaptable to surgeons of all levels; from beginners to experts wishing to improve their skills or master new equipment. Each offer is structured to meet specific training and development needs, guaranteeing effective, personalised learning.

How do I subscribe to an offer?

Subscribing to our offers is simple and straightforward.

Select Eka Training or Eka Video Pack, then choose the option that best suits your needs. Registration is quick and easy. Once you’ve registered, you will have immediate access to the resources and can start your training course.

Is there a time commitment for the offers?

Our offers are without commitment.

For the EKA Training offer, you can choose between 3, 6 or 12-month subscriptions, depending on your preferences and training objectives.

For the EKA Video Pack, there is no time commitment; you simply buy the video pack according to your needs. All subscriptions are renewable and you are free to change or cancel your subscription according to the terms of our renewal policy.

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